5 Essential extensions for UI Designers, Web Designers and Web Developers

5 Essential extensions for UI Designers, Web Designers and Web Developers

Hello Guys, still on my journey to being a good web developer and on this journey I have discovered that most people do not really like using extensions because it makes there browser look somehow but on a sincere level I think these extensions I would list in this post are a most have for every UI Designer, Web Developer and even Techie “Tech Enthusiast” Like I was should use in there day to day surfing of the internet because the make life seamlessly easy while trying to find out how some things are created or even the particular fonts to use. OK enough of the introduction, The first on my list would be …………………… Wait for It……….. Hmmmmmm, I know you are wondering why I am trying to create a dumb suspense but sincerely I don’t really know why I am personally writing like this today but the fact is; the first on my list is

1. Wappalyzer https://www.wappalyzer.com
So my first contact with this extension was using my colleagues laptop at work, and I was wondering what framework and language a particular website was created with and I was busy using chrome developer tools to do that and I still didn’t find a head way there, Until my colleague just clicked on the extension and it was so cool because I could even see down to the analytic tool which was used on the site and this extension has so much more to offer and they have a stat. on there website on the most use tools used in creating a website. I would recommend you check the extension out because it has always helped since that miraculous day.

OK before I drop the second I would like to state some little details like
I am a chrome fan so please beer with me, also I use a chrome book for most of my browsing because currently my laptop is down and I am currently saving up to get a new one. So some of you reading this would be like, why am I giving so much details about myself. Yeah I know but the reason is because I use chrome apps and extensions which made me understand what an average persons misses from not using extensions in there day-to-day use of the Digital world. ENOUGH of the boring talk.

2. AdBlock https://adblockplus.org
Hold on… I know you would be like, why did this guy include an AdBlocker on his list. Yeah, I had to because I have tried using the web for a whole week without an ad blocker and my user experience was terrible because, as we all know that it is almost impossible to make money or any other thing it is called, on the web without either selling something, placing FRUSTRATING ADs or even “Selling User DATA” Which we would talk about some other day. If you agree with what I just stated then you would agree with me that most free sites tend to use aggressive AD strategy and this involves Pop-Up ADs and this creates a very frustrating experience. I think I have Used too much time one AD Blocker but I recommended this because It is free and easy to use.

3. CSSViewer https://chrome.google.com › cssviewer › ggfgijbpiheegefliciemofobhmofgce

Ok this Tool has always been helpful in discovering what css Properties that websites use in creating the amazing UI’s we see and this would ease the stress of using developer tools which is very useful but this would help reduce the need for that.

4. WhatFont https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/whatfont/jabopobgcpjmedljpbcaablpmlmfcogm?hl=en
This easy one of the easiest and staright forward plugin on this list mainly because, once you click on it and hover over any text it would tell you the font family and this is very helpful if you want to quickly fin out what font is being used on a website without going over the stress of the same developer tools. And this is also a free to use extension.

Finally for the moment, we have
5. ColorZilla https://www.colorzilla.com
This extension lets you pick color on any part of a website and also gives you the color code which would always come in handy for most Designers that might have issues with a particular color. Also this extension is available for both Chrome and FireFox.

All the extensions listed above are available for both Chrome and FireFox Browsers. You can also Check out my Website for more Tips kaz.com.ng

Here is a link to download a browser with privacy in mind. Brave Browser https://brave.com/kaz116 Use that code and you would help my channel

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