My Best Website for Learning

My Best Website for Learning

I know it been a long time since I posted and I would do better from now. Also during my time away I have been taking some online courses and I thought I should create a list including the websites I use and other that would be helpful for everyone out there looking to learn something new in different space.

I would be grouping them into 3 categories:
All-round learning from Tech, Art, Business and the likes
STEM and the like also arts. Also, things that we would need in the normal four walls of our educational institutions
Learning Something New Daily: General topics that affect our lives daily

I know the categories sound somehow but that’s the best way I think I can convey my message.

Quora: This is my favourite and also it falls under my “Learning Something New Daily” category cause I get to read something new and also get curated articles for my self to consume for the day. It also helps me achieve my learn something new plan every day. Also this a free to platform and it’s just like a mini-blog.

Medium: Also like quora but a more blog focus platform and provides the goodies of Quora but would be better used on the paid plan.

Youtube: Most people don’t know this but Youtube is one of the best learning platforms. As much as you might think youtube is just for music videos or comedy videos. Youtube has more learning content than any other platform out there and the have great resources for learners. I would be creating a list of my best Youtuber that I watch there content from time to time which has always helped me.

I had to include more websites for this category based on the current situation of the world, which means more people are online to consume content and also to learn and this has taken a huge boost to E-Learning which would help learners stay on track while we get through this trying times.

Khan Academy: This is a free platform to use and is of great resource to learners of every level out there because they provide courses for both kids of 6 up to the University level in various courses like STEM and arts. They also have interactive classes.

Udemy: This is one of the best learning platforms that provide both free and paid resources to learns of different fields. You can also create your courses here if you are an instructor or a teacher in a high school. This could also help create a stream of income to teachers who might not be paid enough during these times.

Varsity Tutors: This is an awesome platform for learning that provides a virtual form of learning that helps learners and both instructors get the same experience of a normal school and still do all these from the comfort of there rooms. They provide live classes to ensure that learners and instructors communicate in real-time. I could go on to list the awesome feature of the platform but to reduce time to skim through this article I would just put some of there links here.

Future Learn: If you don’t want to be left behind with the tech trend and also enjoy the goodies the internet has to provide you should definitely take a course on FutureLearn and I would personally recommend the Coding and Design course which would You would get to learn how to use coding languages.

Pluralsight: This is an excellent platform for learning things relating to tech and also keep up with the trend. They have a free trial plan but you would enjoy the platform more when you subscribe to the paid plan.

I would stop here but if you want to find out more about other platforms for learning you should check out my blog post on that.


Youtube: This is my No. 1 used website after Google though. I learn regularly from youtube and it also helps me with fixing bugs and every techie or learner out there should use youtube for it a great resource.

Google: These came second because I use it to solve problems more than I use it for generally learning something new every day. Also, I use the I’m Feeling Lucky feature to also learn something new.

Quora: I would just leave a link here since I have discussed it earlier already.

Medium: I would do the same here also

Stack Overflow: I cannot stress how much this platform is useful for programmers cause it helps us get through the nights of debugging and also learning how to use new tools.

Here is a link to download a browser with privacy in mind. Brave Browser

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