Vivian Fowler Foundation

Inspired by Chief Mrs Leila Fowler, the Vivian Fowler Trust Foundation was established, to identify, invest in and support the education of girls. Vivian Fowler is a non-profit organization working towards ensuring that all girl children in Nigeria will one day attain an excellent education. We use education to catalyze the power of the most vulnerable girls and young women to create the future they imagine, for themselves, for their communities, and for Nigeria, thereby supporting girls through school and into adulthood. VFTF builds a network of support around each girl, by providing her with tailored support during school, beyond school, and into her future. Girls excluded from education become women excluded from decision-making in every other sphere of life. VFTF programs tackle inequality by supporting girls to learn, thrive and lead. We see girls’ education and empowerment as the route to systems change, not to mitigation of systems that keep failing the most marginalized.

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