Work History

2021 - Current

Software Developer

Simplex Business Solutions

API Development: Spearheaded the design and implementation of internal and customer-facing APIs, enabling the seamless development of mobile applications and client portals. These APIs enhanced user engagement and streamlined business operations, leading to a significant increase in customer satisfaction. Legacy Application Migration: Successfully transitioned legacy desktop applications to modern web-based platforms, achieving a remarkable 40% improvement in speed, efficiency, and accessibility. This migration transformed the company's IT infrastructure, boosting productivity and reducing operational costs. Financial and Insurance Expertise: Demonstrated exceptional expertise in developing critical applications for leading financial and insurance institutions. Possessing strong proficiency in MVC architecture, RESTful API development, and payments integration, played a pivotal role in delivering high-impact software solutions. High-Quality Software Delivery: Consistently delivered high-quality, reliable software solutions that were instrumental in driving success and innovation within the financial and insurance sectors. These solutions met stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements, contributing to the overall growth and stability of the company's clients.

2019 - 2021

Junior Software Developer

TechSavvy Web Solutions

SavvyLaundry Development: Played a key role in developing SavvyLaundry, a dry-cleaning management system, leveraging MVC architecture and customer logging to optimize resource utilization and enhance user experience. Test-Driven Development and DevOps: Demonstrated strong proficiency in test-driven development (TDD) methodologies and basic DevOps processes, ensuring software quality and streamlined development workflows. Azure Pipeline Implementation: Spearheaded the setup of two major pipelines for development and production using Azure, resulting in a nearly 2x improvement in time to production. This optimization significantly reduced development cycles and accelerated software delivery. UI Optimization: Conducted thorough UI optimization of existing software, identifying and implementing enhancements that improved overall efficiency and user experience. Trustank Development and Feature Implementation: Collaborated closely with engineers and a UI designer to create Trustank, a review application. Implemented a comprehensive query feature that enables users to search for companies and services in their area, leading to a remarkable 35% increase in application usage. This feature significantly enhanced user engagement and application value.

2017 - 2019

Web Developer

Equip Africa Initiative

Website Development: Led the development of the company's website using JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and WordPress, adhering to best practices and leveraging modern development techniques. Achieved an impressive Google page speed index score of 85% or higher, ensuring optimal website performance and user experience. Client Website Development and Enhancement: Demonstrated expertise in building and enhancing websites for various clients, catering to their unique requirements and ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices. Responsive Design Expertise: Possessed strong proficiency in creating responsive designs that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring optimal user engagement and accessibility. Performance Optimization Techniques: Demonstrated expertise in implementing and maintaining performance optimization techniques, ensuring website responsiveness, efficiency, and overall user satisfaction. This included leveraging caching mechanisms, minimizing page load times, and optimizing images for faster loading.



Software Engineer

Senior Internet Limited

Migrated Legacy CMS to Umbraco: Successfully transitioned a legacy proprietary CMS to an open-source Umbraco platform, enhancing system performance, scalability, and maintainability. Enhanced System Performance: Implemented cutting-edge technologies to optimize client systems, achieving a remarkable 50% performance improvement. Doubled Company Output: Streamlined software development processes and leveraged advanced technologies to double the company's output, boosting productivity and project delivery efficiency.

2022 - 2023

Web Developer

Immerse Coaching Company

Digital Transformation and User Engagement: Spearheaded the development and management of the company's website, enhancing its digital presence and user engagement. Conversion Optimization and Customer Acquisition: Implemented effective conversion optimization strategies across various channels, successfully converting website visitors into paying customers and driving business growth. System Enhancement and Performance Optimization: Played a pivotal role in improving existing platforms and migrating to a more sustainable system, resulting in a remarkable 2x increase in the company's website speed and performance. This optimization significantly enhanced user experience and contributed to the company's overall success.


2021 - Current

Director Of Technology

Tech Now Global

A youth-led Social enterprise working towards bridging the gap in access to quality education and digital literacy among young people in rural communities across Africa.


MakeRoom Change Makers

International Training Forum, gathering some of the world’s most aspiring minds to identify the world’s most pressing local and global problems, ideate solutions and propose sustainable and innovative solutions



Computer Science

ESTAM University

Enjoying my time here and improving my skills


Computer Science

Yaba College Of Education

I learnt a bit about computers and wrote some If statements for various old and boring languages like BASIC, VISUAL BASIC, FOTRAN


Secondary School

ST. Michael's Alabasters' College

Learnt quite a lot about stuff in my secondary school and enjoyed my teenage life.

Tech Skills


JavaScript & TypeScript






UI Design


Visual Studio & VS Code

Adobe XD & Figma



David Opeyemi Oke

David Opeyemi Oke

Executive Director / Equip Africa Initiative

Kazeem is a highly talented and focused person and will add value to any team he is a part of. His energy to make things happen was contagious and it helped us achieve great goals during his time with us at DOOKE Innovation Centre and Equip Africa. He is by far one of the best talents we've developed. His commitment to continuous self-development is intriguing and he took interest in empowering the members of his team to achieve organizational goals.

Damilare Akwewanu

Damilare Akwewanu

Creative Director / TechSavvy Web Solutions

Kazeem over the years has shown great character and utmost desire to learn and also pass across what he has learnt. While at TechSavvy, he showed great teamwork and all-round diligence in getting projects done professionally and timely. I would always recommend Kaz.